Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Smart Defensible Disposition using IBM Atlas Suit

It's estimated that more than 90% of the records being created today are electronic. Managing electronic records has become a critical for business. How that information is managed has significant business, legal and IT impact. Defensible Disposition reduces information volume, operational complexity and IT costs.

But How ?? Value-Based Retention and Defensible Disposal

But what If I don't follow it ??
Unnecessary Risk:     Confusion on what’s where,     Subject to discovery
Unnecessary Cost:    Data management cost,     Discovery cost

Information disposal and governance management is an integral part of the Information Lifecycle Governance solution, which helps companies meet their obligations for information, manage information based on value, and dispose of information without value or obligations at the earliest opportunity

Value-Based Retention
    - Information inventory connects assets, business value and regulatory obligations
    - Global retention program management
    - Risk and cost analytics for RIM, IT

Defensible Disposal
    - Reliable, actionable retention procedures for data and employee assets
    - Sustainable, high integrity governance